Can I really make money without sponsoring anyone?

Can I expect to enjoy a longterm residual monthly income with Terra-Luna-Club?

Yes! It's very powerful and the commissions become larger and larger over time. While you only come out of pocket for a one-time $40 worth of bitcoin, everyone is incentivized to share our advertising product and amazing opportunity. When your organization grows beyond your 6 compressed level pay field, it will result in the people within your pay field receiving commissions and eventually automatically making upgraded advertising purchases. You will receive larger and larger commissions on these purchases.

If you sponsor more than three people who achieve the $100 upgrade purchase, you will begin to build a coded infinity organization on which you earn 25%. Imagine earning 25% coded infinity commissions on $1000 and $10,000 purchases infinitely deep!

In addition to that, you will earn 50% matching bonuses on the six level multi-cycler commissions of all your personally recruited members no matter how deep they land in your organization. This income could continue to grow for many years.

When am I entered into the multi-cycler?

In Terra-Luna-Club you can join as a free registrant. In your back office, you can click on "Make Your Purchase". On that page you click on a link to receive the bitcoin address to send to and the amount of bitcoin that is valued at $40 in that moment. When you click on that link, you are placed in a pending transactions table. You must then go to your wallet with the purchase information and send the correct amount of bitcoin to the address you were given. This is when your transaction begins to be processed through the blockchain. It will take time to process your transaction through the blockchain.

The amount of time can vary for each person, so you are placed in a pending transactions table until the blockchain processing is complete. When it is complete our software looks in the pending transaction table to see if you have someone in your upline sponsorship lineage that is still waiting. This is to prevent someone from being inserted into the multi-cycler before their upline because the upline's transaction was processed through the blockchain more slowly.

The software will hold you in pending transactions no longer than 60 minutes. If the blockchain processing of your transaction is complete and you either have no upline in the pending transactions table or it has been at least 60 minutes since you initiated the transaction, you will be inserted into the multi-cycler.

The best way to assure you are entered into the multi-cycler before your downline is to make your purchase first and wait to be inserted before your downline makes their purchases.

What happens when someone I sponsored makes their first purchase before I do?

They will go into the multi-cycler ahead of you in the first available spot of your upline's 3 by 6 multi-cycler. You will always be their sponsor. You will also receive the 50% matching bonus commissions on the 6 level multi-cycler overide commissions they receive.

They will count towards your qualification to begin building your own coded infinity organization when they upgrade to the $100 product.

You must have three personally sponsored people who make the $100 purchase. Then you are qualified to start passing on your own ID as their coded upline when you sponsor someone that makes the $100 purchase.

Remember, you will earn 25% coded infinity commissions on anyone who has your ID as their coded upline. They will pass your ID on to the first three people they sponsor that make a $100 purchase. This continues infinitely deep.

There are no other qualifications to receive the coded infinity bonus.

How and when can I withdraw my commissions?

The purchases of the upgraded products for $100, $1000, and $10,000 worth of bitcoin happen automatically when your commission account balance is sufficient. For that reason there are withdrawal restrictions for the first 120 days from the date you make your first purchase and are entered in the multi-ccler.

  • After 120 days all commissions are 100% available if you have not earned enough commissions to automatically upgrade to the $100 MO2 product.
  • After 300 days all commissions are 100% available if you have not earned enough commissions to automatically upgrade to the $10,000 MO4 product.
  • After you purchase the $100 MO2 product, 20% of all commissions are available for withdrawal.
  • After you purchase the $1000 MO3 product, 50% of all commissions are available for withdrawal.
  • After you purchase the $10,000 MO4 product, all commissions are 100% available.

You are not required to withdraw available commissions. If at all possible, you want to make the upgrade purchases before your downline does. When a purchase happens below you within your 6 compressed level multi-cycler, the qualification to receive a multi-cycler override commission is that you must have already purchased the product you are receiving the commission on. If you are not qualified, your commission is paid to the nearest multi-cycler upline member that is qualified.

As soon as your commission account balance reaches $120, $1000, and $10,000 worth of bitcoin, the automatic upgrade purchase is made for MO2, MO3, and MO4 respectively. The more money you leave in your commission account until all your automatic purchases are made, the sooner you will be qualified for commissions on all the products.

To make a withdrawal, you simply fill out the commission withdrawal request form. Your withdrawal request will be processed within 72 hours. A 2% fee will be charged. This is to help the company cover the transaction cost since the company pays out 100% back to the field.

Important: No Cheating Rule

Since the Terra-Luna-Club multi-cycler requires no recruiting or other qualifications to earn commissions, some people may find it tempting to purchase several $40 ad credit values and end up with several positions in the multicycler. This would be counter-productive for them and others in the multi-cycler.

As a result, there is a rule: There can be only one position per person.

Anyone who breaks this rule, will be terminated from the Terra-Luna-Club membership.

Their positions in the multi-cycler will be made replaceable by new people coming in.

There is no need for anyone to have more than one position in the multi-cycler. Income potential from just one position is staggering. The multi-cycler is inmulti-cycler ended to facilitate efficient teamwork.

Terra-Luna-Club was designed to create long-term financial freeedom for its members. Please do your part in making it happen. The Terra-Luna-Club administrators ask all responsible members to help us in policing this policy and ensuring the longevity of our program.

Do I have to pay taxes on the bitcoin I receive?

The answer to this question will depend on who your taxing authority is. We recommend that you consult with a tax attorney or accountant in your country.

For US citizens, when you receive bitcoin in exchange for goods or services, it is taxed as ordinary income. The US tax code requires the company paying you to report the income they paid you if it exceeds $600.

Read the IRS Notice on Virtual Currency here.

The owners of Terra-Luna-Club are US citizens and voluntary US taxpayors.

As a consequence, when a US citizen or resident attempts to make their first commission withdrawal, Terra-Luna-Club will require that you fill out and digitally sign an IRS form W-9. Terra-Luna-Club will report your annual income to the IRS on a form 1099 once a year. When your commissions are posted to your commission account, it will be regarded as received by you.

You may have to sell some of the bitcoin you acquired as Terra-Luna-Club commissions in order to pay the taxes.

In your commission account display, Terra-Luna-Club will provide information on what your "basis" is in each bitcoin commission you receive. We will also provide a date when each bitcoin commission is acquired. When you make a commission withdrawal, we will give you the option to receive either the first bitcoin commissions you acquired or the last. (FIFO or LIFO)

In this way, you will have information on how long you have held the bitcoin before you withdrew it from your Terra-Luna-Club commission account. In the United States, if a property like bitcoin is held for more than one year, any gain on it when you convert it to a central bank currency will be regarded as a long term capital gain instead of ordinary income. The gain or loss is calculated as the difference between your basis and the value of the central bank currency you received in exchange for your bitcoin.

If a US taxpayor refuses to provide the completed and signed W-9 form, they will not be able to withdraw their commissions. In this case, if the IRS regards that money as taxable income for the owners of Terra-Luna-Club, the amount of taxes paid on it will be withdrawn from the commission account.

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